Suyan Souen’s training program “One-to-One” is fully effective and ensures a change of lifestyle within 8 weeks. During the program, Suyan’s customers definitely learn to have healthy eating habits, followed by a regular physical activity plan, prepared especially for the student, always respecting each person’s schedules and training possibilities.

Suyan Souen has developed the One-to-One training program with the purpose of helping professionally and exhaustively those seeking once and for all for a healthier lifestyle.

Your dream is our goal. Customers of One-to-One training program are surprised every week with a different training routine, giving every week a new stimulus to your body. That's right, your routine will never be dull and you will have a great pleasure going to the gym.

One-to-one training program is complete. You will receive a physical activity plan with a nutritional program, which, if followed with commitment and dedication, will make you reach your goal.

Suyan’s lifestyle will enchant you!


8 weeks, garanteed results and #noexcuses

My job is not only to create a training session for you: it is offering you a complete package of solutions so that you #customizeyourbody. In other words, i can give you tools so that you can transform yourself in what you have always wanted.

We bring professional expertise and the best methods. You bring your commitment and determination.
And #noexcuses!

1 Começo de conversa

Kick off conversation

Through our website you will tell us what your objective is, what you have done, eating habits, your last physicam exams, including recent pictures. With this material we are going to align your needs, expectations and objectives.

Each person is unique and that is why we need this detailed registration.

2 Bate-papo com sua coach

Chatting with Suyan

Here you will have a face-to-face conversation with me. You will get to know the way i set up training sessions for you, aiming to reach each specific objective. I will give you orientation and a few hints. I will also explain how my methods work– exclusive ones such as Glutesculpt®.

Here is when we start the eye to eye phase, so that later i can demand results from you.

3 Seu treino

Your Training Session

After this initial aligment, it is time for hands on work.

I always include in your training platform each exercise, described one by one, their frequency (how many times a week each of them should be performed) and the number of repetitions. All that you need to reach the goals we established together!

4 Sua dieta

Your Diet

Believe me: you can only build a nice body with a diet and exercises planned concomitantly and only by specialized professionals.

That is why my nutritionist is going prepare a diet for you. A diet that matches your training and objectives.

5 Plataforma online

Online Platform

Where to you acess all of that? Wherever you are. You just have to have access to the internet and a device (tablet, smartphone, notebook or desktop).

We have created an exclusive platform to make your life easier. It contains every training session with descriptive videos. You will have an area online, which is your own, with all that you need on it.



This is the waiting time for new fitness consulting sessions. The waiting list was designed to serve you better.

During that time, you can collect information for another period of fitness consulting with suyan, gathering pictures, your training log page and filling out with additional information.

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